From the moment the S.T. Dupont House was founded in 1872, Simon Tissot-Dupont magnified the finest and rarest of materials by producing luxurious accessories adorned with gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, Chinese lacquer or alligator. In 1973, S.T.Dupont started a revolution by launching the first luxury ball point pen: a functional, technical object, but also an intimately personal one. In 1996 it introduced the Olympio for the pleasure of writing.

In 2009, S.T.Dupont launched its new writing tool: the laser precision Défi.In 2010, S.T.Dupont has created Liberté, a collection devoted entirely to women, and in 2011, S.T.Dupont offers Elysée to men. Each of S.T.Dupont’s writing instruments is characterised by the elegance of its lines, the superiority of its materials and its perfect and reassuring weight. Fashioned from metal to give it superior strength, an S.T.Dupont pen takes shape in the hands of our master craftsmen over the course of 150 separate processes. The nib itself is subject to meticulous attention at each of the many stages in its production: the rolling of the solid gold leaf, the cutting of the blanks, the shaping, soldering of the point, the cutting of the slit in the nib, manual polishing and decorating with rhodium. Once assembled, the nib is assessed by one of the rare expert hands that is capable of appreciating the infinite variations that set a perfect nib apart from a good nib, and carrying out the adjustments necessary to achieve the required perfection.