Retro 51 Pens & Pencils

Retro 1951's mission is to bring fashion, fun, and value to the world of writing instruments and business accessories. They strive to bring the best quality designs to you by producing each product with the finest materials manufactured by skilled craftsmen. It is through constant evolution of style, color, and material construction, that Retro 1951 proudly remind you, Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen! (tm)

In 1997, Retro 1951 introduced a pen named the Tornado in three colors: red, blue and black in our classic lacquer colors. Little did they know the impact this retractable rollerball would have in the world of gifts and writing accessories. Since that date, they have added numerous styles and designs to the Tornado Collection! Tornados come in different colors, materials, sizes and modes of writing: rollerball, fountain, ball- point, and mechanical pencil. Retro 1951 hope that you are proud of your Tornado not only for its smoothness of writing, but also for its style and design.